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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism



Level II of SSQST

The main goal of the Level II of SSQST is further development of the system introduced in the first level and verification of the quality of provided services. 

The Level II certification process prepares tourism organisations for the measurement of the service quality through an external assessment, questionnaire surveys and mystery shopping. Findings shall be translated into a new action plan.

However, certification of the Level II doesn’t necessarily mean that the organisation provides higher quality services! SSQST Level II certification means that the organisation is using more advanced quality management tools.

In order for an organisation to be certified at Level II of SSQST, it must have held Level I certificate of SSQST for at least 12 months.

In addition to that, the organisation must:

  • Meet all requirements of Level I;
  • Check and update its vision;
  • Ensure the commitment to quality of all employees;
  • Appoint one person who undergoes training and obtains the Level II Certificate of Quality Trainer.

Main difference between the first and the second level of certification is in the actual verification of the quality of services provided by the organisation. The quality of services is measured by:

  • Customer survey,
  • Management survey,
  • Employee survey,
  • Creating a profile of strengths and weaknesses,
  • Mystery shopping.

Based on the findings of service quality measurement, a new action plan addressing its findings will be developed.

Detailed information on SSQST requirements are provided by the Trainers/Regional coordinators at the training of Level II Quality Trainer.

Level II Quality Trainer

The Quality Trainer is responsible for the correct implementation of SSQST principles into the operation of his/her organisation. His or her main goal is the support of all other employees in fulfilling their tasks based on the requirements of the SSQST. After returning from the training, the Quality Trainer has to inform all other employees of the organisation about the content and the principles of SSQST.
According to the SSQST Standard, a Level II SSQST Quality Trainer is a person designated by the organisation who successfully passed the training and obtained the Level II SSQST Quality Trainer certificate.

Application for certification

An application for the SSQST certification is submitted by the organisation to the certification body (Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic) through its web portal.

Fees for training and certification of the II. Level

Item Price in EUR excl. VAT VAT 20 % Price in EUR incl. VAT 
 Training "Level II. Quality
 180.00 36.00 216.00
 Initial Level II Certification of
Renewal of Level II Certification at 
the end of the certification period
(3 years)
 360.00 72.00 432.00

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