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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism



Level II Certification

If the organisation has held the Level I certificate for at least 10 months and is interested to continue improving the quality of its services through more advanced tools, SSQST offers a Level II Certification.

Similar to the Level I, the Level II Certification of the SSQST starts with a decision of the organisation to undertake the certification process. The prerequisite for the Level II certification is the successful acquisition of the Level I certificate and compliance with the quality rules set by the SSQST Standard.

The organisation registers for the Level II using the SSQST web portal and delegates its Quality Trainer to the training “Level II Quality Trainer”.

Through the SSQST web portal, the organisation sends to the certification center an application, required documentation and a statement which regulates all rights and obligations of the organisation and of the certification center. Level II certification documentation consists of a signed and reviewed vision of the organisation, signed commitment to quality of its employees and reviewed action plan, as defined by the Standard.

Additionally, the organisation submits completed questionnaires and an analysis of organisational strengths and weaknesses.

After receiving the required documentation and conducting the mystery shopping, the certification center sends to the organisation the Certification Center Report. This report is used for drafting a new action plan.

The certification center will assess the documentation using an independent evaluator and in case of a positive evaluation the organisation will receive the Level I Certificate of Quality. 

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